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hemp can save the planet!

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The vision quest is to create cannabis strain brand artwork to mostly make you smile... and more. My creations are intended to also educate one about the nuances and relevant detail to each strain (its origin, its creator, its medical benefits, its recreational benefits, etc). 

I'm working towards having all the designs offered and IMPRINTED on various merchandise recommended by YOU, the on-line community. I want your input. ​(Posters, stickers, apparel, device cases, throw pillows... we'll see.) First things first, we have to light this firecracker and see if the world is ready for the Todd Man.

As I offer these very fun images for ALL to enjoy and wear proudly... (unfortunately I must exclude children under 18 from purchase, due to the adult nature of recreational and medicinal use), nonetheless I wanted the buyers' purchase to do a little more than buy a cool piece of swag with my art. With that said, will designate portion of net profits from all sales of apparel items, including caps, to be given to a worthy caregiver organization geared more towards research for medicine for small children and/or industrial hemp advocacy consortiums. I'm also considering a short list of environmental, animal protection or human rights organizations that I've supported over the course of my life. I'm still determining and consulting with those in the industry as to where the donation can best be used to advocate and promote the cannabis community.  Your suggestions are welcome, as I move forward and organically create my company. thank you.

Todd Pearl aka Todd Durban, aka T-dOG, aka The Todd Man... Artist/Designer/Brand Developer is on a mission to create as many cannabis strain brand/logo designs he can do in his lifetime. Twenty-four ready for the world, 48 more in design and development and looking at over 700+ strains currently known and recorded.

And in the spirit of asking for your help, we welcome your contributions to the evolution of this project and how it can benefit the community as well as make a living for my family. Your suggestions for what strain you want to see designed will be joyfully welcomed. Hemp will save the planet. It's always been and will always be a viable and useful commodity to a healthier more sustainable planet. Aside from the medical or recreational uses, Hemp/Cannabis is a better resource for so many things: Paper, Clothing, textiles, furniture, fuel, building materials (no shit)... there's a product called Hempcrete, like 'concrete' made from hemp in the Netherlands. Houses built with Hemp. So you get the picture. I'm promoting a lifestyle that promotes a plant natural to the earth, requiring no need for pesticides, hormones or GMO's to produce. Cannabis has been a natural part of the whole for a long time and lastly... TO END THE DOUBLE STANDARDS TOO OFTEN PRACTICED IN OUR SOCIETY.

I'm just here to make you smile. 420 forever! Use Responsibly.
​Blazing' forward.